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    Fill out your details and one of our friendly advisers will call you back.

      I have read the Pinpoint Finance Customer Privacy Policy:

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      Speak to one of our experts

      Keith Humphreys

      Keith Humphreys


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        I have read the Pinpoint Finance Customer Privacy Policy:

        Want to buy residential property to rent out to private tenants?

        Struggling to find the right buy to let mortgage for rental property? If you’re experienced in this area then you’ll already know that it can be a complex challenge. And if you are new to the world of buy to let, then you may not even know where to begin.

        You may have already approached your bank. And while they might have come up with a product for you, in our experience they won’t give you the best rate for a buy to let mortgage.

        The go to broker for buy to let mortgages

        Your situation is unique. Every buy to let is different. Perhaps you need a buy to let mortgage for a house in multiple occupation (HMO) or a multi-unit student let. Or, you’re trying to set up a limited company buy to let.

        Whatever your needs, getting the right buy to let mortgage for your situation requires extensive market knowledge, to understand what your options are. But our team also has access to the many specialist mortgage deals that your average broker won’t be able to offer.

        You need a team with unrivalled experience to get the right mortgage for your rental properties. A team that will listen to your needs, ask the right questions and then get things done for you. Experts who ‘think like an underwriter’ – who will ask you all the right questions so that we can then powerfully pitch your case to key decision makers so that you’ll get exactly the deal you need.

        We’re proud to be the trusted partner for buy to let investors and landlords – covering everything from HMOs and student lets to holiday lets and auction properties.

        Understanding how to get a ‘yes’

        We deal with landlords on a daily basis, all day and every day. So once we’ve assessed your situation and understand your needs, we’ll have a very good idea which lenders are most likely to approve your buy to let mortgage.

        This means we can go straight to the lender who’s most likely to say yes and we wont waste your time or damage your credit file by applying to multiple lenders who are going to turn you down.

        We take the pain out of the process

        We take the pain out of the process, and use our extensive expertise to help you to avoid any pitfalls. You want to spend your time growing your business – not on filling out endless forms and getting bogged down in trying to find the right buy to let mortgage for your needs.

        Whether buying to let is your main business, or a side business where you buy multiple properties to let them out, our expertise saves you time and money. Whatever your situation, we’ll tailor our service to your needs.

        For example, you might be an experienced property investor who already has a number of properties in your portfolio. You don’t need us to hold your hand – you understand the jargon and you just want things sorted quickly. In this situation, just leave it to us – we’ll make things happen and only be in touch occasionally.

        However you may be new to buy to let – looking to invest in residential property, but not sure where to begin. In this case we’ll be with you every step of the way – listening to your needs, talking you through the options in a clear, jargon-free way that makes the whole process pain-free.

        Expertise that saves you time and money

        Some brokers will try to tie you into buy to let deals that give them a nice cut and large set up fees, but just don’t work for you. We’ll always use our market insight to save you time and money.

        For example, proposed legislative changes in 2025 say that a property may need to be energy rating level C. So, we won’t tie you into a five-year mortgage that will leave you with a non-compliant property in three years’ time. It’s a level of industry knowledge that other brokers can’t match.

        Thinking about using a Limited Company to purchase a Buy to Let Property?

        If you are seeking advice about investing in Buy to Let property through a Limited Company, you’ve found the right team of mortgage advisers. At Pinpoint Finance we know the difference between a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) and a trading company, we know business finance, real property finance and we know Limited Company Buy to Let Mortgages. We have access to a wide range of mortgages specifically designed for First Time Landlords to experienced Landlords buying through a Limited Company. With our breath of experience within the commercial finance world, not only will we find you the most attractive interest rates but also favourable criteria to meet your specific requirements.

        Looking for a buy to let mortgage for commercial premises?

        Visit our commercial mortgages page here

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          I have read the Pinpoint Finance Customer Privacy Policy:

          At Pinpoint Finance, we’re proud to offer you the following buy to let products:

          • Limited Company But to Let Mortgages
          • Let to Buy Mortgages
          • House of Multiple Occupancy Mortgages (HMO)
          • Multi-Unit Freehold Block Mortgages (MUFB)
          • First Time Landlords
          • Portfolio Landlords

          We can also help you with business planning and consultancy services, including:

          • Business Plans
          • Financial analysis and presentation
          • Financial Forecasts
          • Financial management
          • Bank Representation
          • Bank Renegotiation
          • Business Restructuring
          • Business Mentoring and Support
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