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    We help you to solve your cashflow challenges, so you can drive your business forward

    We all know that slow paying customers can put a real strain on your business, stopping you doing the things you want to do. Cashflow Finance can quickly unlock the cash in your invoices the moment you’ve done the work. Helping you fund growth, increase stock, recruit staff or help to pay general working capital expenses.

    Pinpoint Finance will guide you through your options with Cashflow Finance. We’ll help bust the myths and explain the differences between invoice financing and invoice factoring. We can even select a solution that will raise funds on a single invoice or your whole ledger.

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    What is Cashflow Finance?

    Cashflow Finance is really a collective term used for a variety of specialised finance products designed to assist businesses free up cash quickly and easily money that’s due to them. These products may be called Invoice Discounting, Invoice Factoring or Debt Factoring. So, Cashflow Finance is a catch all term, which may even include Merchant Cash Advance facilities, for some businesses.

    Pinpoint Finance will help you find the right cashflow finance deal

    Every Cashflow Finance lender has their unique style, products and sector preferences, so even if your Bank has already said no, we can still help! Our Cashflow Finance experts will take time to understand your business, your customer profiles and even their payment history. Your customers need to be B2B and your turnover more than £75,000. We’ll then match you with the best Cashflow Finance lender to offer a solution that’s tailored to your business needs.

    How does Invoice Finance work?

    Put simply, Invoice Finance uses your invoices as an asset and advances the cash to you that’s due from your customer before your customer needs to pay you. That means even if your terms of payment are 30 days or 90 days you can draw down the funds from Day 1.

    This usually means getting an advanced payment of between 75-90% of your original invoice amount. This can all be done confidentially so that your customers don’t know. Once the original invoice has been paid the funder will deduct the original advanced amount, their fees and interest and the remaining balance is all yours.

    At Pinpoint Finance, we understand the importance of having access to quick and easy financing for your business. That’s why we offer access to both Invoice Discounting and Invoice Factoring as a solution that helps you access the money that is tied up in your outstanding invoices. Whether you’re a business owner with a backlog of invoices, or you’re involved in the purchasing, supply chain management, or sales process, Invoice Finance can be a valuable resource to your business.

    Invoice Factoring v Invoice Discounting

    Invoice Finance comes in two forms: Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting. Let’s take a closer look at each option to help you determine which one is best for your business.

    Invoice Discounting: This option allows you drawn funds up to 90% of an outstanding invoice’s value. You’ll retain the role of credit control, making sure that the customer pays their debt to you in a timely manner. You won’t start paying back the funds drawn, including interest, until you’ve received full payment or start receiving regular instalments, against the invoice in question. The balance you receive will be the remaining amount owed by the debtor minus any funds already advanced, Interest and service costs.

    Invoice Factoring: With this option, you drawn funds up to 90% of the total value of an outstanding invoice. The customer will pay the debt directly to your lender, who will then make the remaining balance available to you once they’ve received full payment. Keep in mind that this facility allows the lender to contact your clients and collect the invoice debt. This can save you time spent chasing payments and lets you have the support of an experienced credit control team and accounting department to take care of your debt collection function.

    Whether you’re looking to support your business projects, improve your credit control, take pressure of your accountancy department or make the most of your sales and marketing efforts, Pinpoint Finance can offer great Invoice Finance solution that can really help.

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    To learn more about the different options and how they can benefit your business. With our help, you’ll have access to the finance you need to grow and succeed. Call us today to discuss your needs with our team on 01904 866 100.

    What are the advantages of Invoice Finance?

    Cashflow Finance can be used to drive your business forward, unlocking the cash held within your unpaid invoices, without the need for other collateral. This cash can be in your bank quick once you have raised an invoice helping up buy more stock settle bills or pay for staff!

    Why is cashflow important in finance?

    Well, they say turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and cashflow is King! Cashflow is the actual money that’s flowing in and out of your account rather than the profit, which the money left once your expenses have been deducted from your sales.

    What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

    A Merchant Cash Advance or Business Cash Advance is an Unsecured Business Loan alternative. If you are looking for a cash injection from as little as £2,500 up to £500,000, with flexible repayments, a Merchant Cash Advance may be a funding solution you’ve been looking for. Did to know more? Click here.

    At Pinpoint Finance, we offer the following products and services for Business Finance customers:

    • Merchant Cash Advance
    • 2nd Charge Business Loans
    • MBO/MBI Funding
    • Independent Legal Advice Services
    • Personal Guarantee Insurance
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