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    We help you to solve your cashflow challenges, so you can drive your business forward

    We all know that slow paying customers can put a real strain on your business, stopping you doing the things you want to do. Cashflow Finance can quickly unlock the cash in your invoices the moment you’ve done the work. Helping you fund growth, increase stock, recruit staff or help to pay general working capital expenses.

    Pinpoint Finance will guide you through your options with Cashflow Finance. We’ll help bust the myths and explain the differences between invoice financing and invoice factoring. We can even select a solution that will raise funds on a single invoice or your whole ledger.

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    Pinpoint Finance will help you find the right invoice finance deal

    Every Cashflow Finance lender has their unique style, products and sector preferences. Our Cashflow Finance experts will take time to understand your business, your customer profiles and even their payment history. Your customers need to be B2B and your turnover more than £75,000. We’ll then match you with the best Cashflow Finance lender to offer a solution that’s tailored to your business needs.

    How does it work?

    Put simply, Cashflow Finance uses your invoices as an asset and advances the cash to you that’s due from your customer before your customer needs to pay you. That means even if your terms of payment are 30 days or 90 days you can draw down the funds from Day 1.

    This usually means getting an advanced payment of between 75-90% of your original invoice amount. This can all be done confidentially so that your customers don’t know. Once the original invoice has been paid the funder will deduct the original advanced amount, their fees and interest and the remaining balance is all yours.

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    At Pinpoint Finance, we offer the following products and services for Business Finance customers:

    • Cash Flow Finance
    • Invoice Finance / Factoring / Spot Finance
    • Stocking Loans
    • Unsecured Business Loan
    • Revolving Credit Facilities
    • Merchant Cash Advance
    • 2nd Charge Business Loans
    • MBO/MBI Funding
    • Independent Legal Advice Services
    • Personal Guarantee Insurance
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