We specialise in commercial mortgages for self-employed individuals, business owners and property landlords in York and throughout North Yorkshire.

Experience our friendly “Bank Manger” approach to mortgages and business finance that’s been lost in today’s world of finance. With access to over 100+ lenders and 1,000’s of products, why wouldn’t you?

  • Personal support you won’t find at your bank
  • We’re a mortgage broker for commercial mortgages, who delivers for every client



Fill out your details and one of our friendly advisers will call you back.

    Fill out your details and one of our friendly advisers will call you back.

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      Speak to one of our experts

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        Looking for the best commercial mortgage for your business?

        As your business grows, you may want to borrow money via a commercial mortgage. Perhaps you’re buying a new property as an owner-occupier. You might be looking to invest in commercial property. Or, you might need the money to fund other areas of your business.

        It is a big step for any business owner. And you may be unsure about where to go for the best business mortgage advice at such a critical moment.

        Personal support you won’t find at your bank

        You need an experienced team who has a deep market understanding and the skills and experience to get right deal for you and your business. At Pinpoint Finance, we can help.

        Most of our clients will come to us via a personal recommendation, through their accountant or solicitor, or having just Googled ‘commercial mortgage broker’.

        However you find us, we’ll work hard to quickly form a personal understanding of your situation – what you need, and how we can help you to grow with commercial investments and commercial mortgages. We see it as the beginning of a long-term relationship.

        How are commercial mortgages different?

        Commercial property finance is slightly different to getting a residential mortgage. Commercial mortgages are more flexible, and you can use them to raise money for a range of different purposes including:

        • Improving your existing premises
        • Consolidating your debt
        • Developing your existing property development
        • Releasing equity for your business and its cash flow.

        We’re a mortgage broker for commercial mortgages, who delivers for every client

        We work to meet every client’s needs on a case-by-case basis. Your business – and what you want to get out of it – is unique. It’s why we’ll always spend time with you upfront to learn your situation, before making any recommendations.

        For example, you might be a first time developer in Scarborough, buying three residential properties above a shop unit, which you then intend to rent out. Talking it through with you, you tell us that the shop downstairs will generate £40k per year rental income. In this case, you’ll need a commercial mortgage – but you might have come to us originally because you thought you’d need a buy-to-let mortgage.

        Or, you might be a highly experienced businessperson with 27 properties under your management. You know what you want – for example a multi-unit block mortgage for an assured short hold tenancy – and you just need us to sort it all for you. A quick turnaround is the priority as you’ve already got a high level of market know-how.

        Whatever your situation, you can trust us to offer high level of consultancy and expertise. You can rely on us to ensure that you’re always making all the right moves.

        Looking for a mortgage for a buy to let residential property?

        Visit out buy to let mortgages page here.

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