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Embark on a journey to financial savings on your holiday home investment with our extensive comparison of various products.

Save not only time and money but also relish our personalised, “Bank Manager” approach to holiday let mortgages — a refreshing human touch in the otherwise impersonal world of finance.

Why Opt for Pinpoint Finance?

  • Access to an Extensive Range of Lenders & Products: Your dream mortgage is merely a click away.
  • Tailored Support: Experience the compassion and attention absent from conventional mortgage brokers.
  • Effortless Guidance: We are your preferred mortgage broker for holiday let mortgages, providing friendly advice without the complexity.



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        Struggling to Locate the Perfect Holiday Let Mortgage Deal?

        Finding the best rate for your holiday let property can be unforgiving.

        Whether you’re a veteran investor or a novice, the right mortgage may sometimes seem elusive. Fear not! We’re here to navigate you to the most favourable rates and the ideal mortgage tailored to your unique

        What Sets Us Apart?

        Unmatched Expertise: Our team thinks like underwriters, guaranteeing you the deal you desire.

        Trusted Partners: From modern studio flats to seaside properties, we cover all your holiday let, buy-to-let needs.

        Streamlined Process: We directly approach the lender most likely to approve, conserving your time and credit score.

        Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

        Time & Money Savers: We tailor our service to your needs, whether you’re an experienced investor or a newbie.

        Insightful Guidance: Avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes with our industry knowledge and foresight.

        Find Your Ideal Holiday Let Mortgage Rate in 5 Simple Steps with Pinpoint Finance.

        Identify Your Needs: Determine your requirements in a holiday let mortgage. Are you seeking a fixed rate or a tracker? Understanding your unique situation is the initial step towards securing the perfect holiday let mortgage.

        Request a Free Discovery Call: Engage in a complimentary discovery call with one of our friendly qualified advisers. We’ll explore your needs, respond to your queries, and initiate the process of finding the best mortgage deal for you.

        Explore Your Options: With access to over 100+ lenders and thousands of products, we’ll introduce you to a perfect selection of mortgage options that align with your needs.

        Receive Expert Advice: Our team of specialists will explain your options in clear, jargon-free language. We’ll assist you in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, ensuring an informed decision.

        Secure Your Mortgage: After selecting the ideal holiday let mortgage, we’ll manage all the paperwork and coordinate with the lender on your behalf. We’ll make the process seamless, keeping you updated at every stage until your mortgage is finalised.

        Considering an Investment in an (HMO) House of Multiple Occupancy?

        HMOs present unique opportunities and challenges in the buy-to-let market. At Pinpoint Finance, we specialise in HMO mortgages, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific investment goals.

        Whether you’re an experienced landlord looking to expand your portfolio or a newcomer exploring the potential of HMOs, our team of experts is here to guide you.

        We understand the complexities of HMO regulations, licensing, and financing, ensuring you navigate the process with confidence.

        Why Choose Pinpoint Finance for HMO Mortgages?

        Customised Solutions: We offer mortgage products specifically designed for HMO properties, aligning with your investment strategy.
        Expert Guidance: Our team provides clear, jargon-free advice, helping you understand the nuances of HMO investment.
        Streamlined Process: From initial consultation to securing your mortgage, we make the process seamless and hassle-free.

        Get in Touch to Explore Your HMO Investment Opportunities!

        Looking for a buy to let mortgage for commercial premises?

        Visit our commercial mortgages page here

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          At Pinpoint Finance, we’re proud to offer you the following buy to let products:

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          • Limited Company But to Let Mortgages
          • Let to Buy Mortgages
          • House of Multiple Occupancy Mortgages (HMO)
          • Multi-Unit Freehold Block Mortgages (MUFB)
          • First Time Landlords
          • Portfolio Landlords

          We can also help you with business planning and consultancy services, including:

          • Business Plans
          • Financial analysis and presentation
          • Financial Forecasts
          • Financial management
          • Bank Representation
          • Bank Renegotiation
          • Business Restructuring
          • Business Mentoring and Support
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