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Finance Your Business with a Merchant Cash Advance in York, North Yorkshire

Help grow your business by securing a Merchant Cash Advance with the help of Pinpoint Finance. Situated in York, North Yorkshire, we offer a hassle free service for a fast, flexible funding solution based on your card sales

Suitable for a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance or Business Cash Advance is an Unsecured Business Loan alternative. If you are looking for a cash injection from as little as £2,500 up to £500,000, with flexible repayments, a Merchant Cash Advance may be a funding solution you’ve been looking for. This facility is available to any trading business that takes card sales and has been trading longer than 4 months. Funding can be used for any business purpose with repayments matched to your future card sales. A Merchant Cash Advance can even be used as a revolving facility, similar to a traditional overdraft. Once you have paid back some of the original advance, typically more than 40%, you can use the cash advance again and again to help grow your business.

Pinpoint Finance team, from left to right: Keith Humphreys, Anne Baggaley, Anna Hatfield, and Kelvin Smith.
Keith Humphreys in conversation, with an over-the-shoulder view of Kelvin Smith.

A Flexible Solutions

Unlike a traditional loan or overdraft there is no interest, set up fees or hidden costs. You agree an initial charge that is added to the loan at the outset and then you repay the loan at a fixed percentage of your future card sales. This unique funding solution works with your cash-flow so if you have a quiet period you only payback the same percentage of those card sales. Because repayments match your card sales you never need to worry about having enough cash to meet the next loan repayment. For many businesses the benefit of having no fixed repayment term or fixed amount, means there’s no such thing as a missed payment!

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We understand Merchant Cash Advance, we work with some of the largest Merchant Cash Advance lenders in the UK and we understand finance. Our Merchant Cash Advance service is free of charge, we will manage the whole process for you. From your initial contact to cash in your bank! We’ll understand your needs and which lender best suits you. We’ll collect and submit the right information to the lender, obtaining the quickest decision for you and answer all the questions you may have.

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