Everyone can benefit from writing a Will

Our Will service enables you to decide what to do with all of your assets and belongings after your death. We give you the ability to choose from either a non-advised online service to a fully advised Will writing service from a qualified practitioners who have extensive experience in preparing Wills to cover all cisrumstances.

At Pinpoint Finance, we understand the importance of putting plans in place now for the future

That’s why our Wills proposition deals with all circumstances; from a simple online service for our customers who want to create their own and don’t need advice, to a more bespoke personal service for all other circumstances.

We only need to ask 5 simple questions about you, to determine the level of Will required. With the non-advised service taking just 15 minutes to complete, there’s nothing stopping you from protecting your loved ones and ensuring that your wishes are honoured after your death.

Two Will options to choose from

Non-Advised Online Will

from just


including VAT

Full Advised Will

from just


including VAT

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    Did you know that the majority of the population under 65 fail to make a Will on the grounds of expense or because they do not understand the ramifications of not having one?

    Most adults have some form of an estate; you may have a house or flat, savings, investments, a business or some personal belongings. All of these assets make up your estate and making a Will means that when you die, your estate is shared according to your wishes.

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