Pinpoint Finance – Your Trusted Mortgage and Business Finance Team

Pinpoint Finance – Who Are We?

The businesses we work with are run by hardworking, ambitious people like you. For you, banking is personal, because so much of what you’ve achieved is down to your own hard work. And we know what that feels like, because it’s exactly what we’ve done too.

We’re a straight talking, hardworking team of ex-bankers based in York. We match our clients with the best mortgages and business finance deals, and pull out all the stops to get you the best rates. That means getting under the skin of your business, so that we can then pitch your unique position to the underwriters to ensure we get a ‘yes’.

We do a lot more than just find you the right finance product and rate and leave it at that. You want your business to grow, in a planned and sustainable way – and we’ll be here to give you all of the high quality advice, consultancy and support you need to achieve that.

Pinpoint Finance team, from left to right: Keith Humphreys, Anne Baggaley, Anna Hatfield, and Kelvin Smith.
Keith Humphreys in conversation, with an over-the-shoulder view of Kelvin Smith.

Pinpoint Finance – The Team

You might be experienced. You know what you’re doing and you just want to get on with growing your business, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the best team behind you. Or you might just be starting out, and need a little more support. Whoever you are, you can’t afford to get generic advice from someone you’ve never spoken to before, and who doesn’t know your business inside out. You need people who will make things happen.

We created Pinpoint Finance because we believe that we’re providing something that has been lost from modern banking: the personal connection you get from going to see your bank manager. Someone who cares about you and your business. Our people are what make us different.

Meet them below.

Portrait of Keith Humphreys, Managing Director and Founder of Pinpoint Finance

Keith Humphreys


We don’t just make deals happen, we go above and beyond to find you the best possible rates too.

Having lived and worked in York for over 25 years, I know the challenges facing businesses and landlords accessing property finance. After 28 years in the banking sector, I wanted to give Yorkshire business owners and property professionals the traditional “speak to the bank manager” personable service that’s been lost in modern banking.

Portrait of Kelvin Smith, Commercial Finance Specialist at Pinpoint Finance.

Kelvin Smith


I’ve been helping business owners in Yorkshire with commercial finance for the past two decades, and I get a real buzz from matching you with the right mortgage or finance deal for your specific needs. Ask me anything, I will tell you everything.

Portrait of Anna Hatfield, Mortgage Adviser at Pinpoint Finance

Anna Hatfield


So I have both professional expertise and personal insights. As a mum of 3, I know how important getting the right family home is and how much hinges on getting the right mortgage deal.