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    Need business finance to grow your business?

    The best businesses are built on great ideas. But making those ideas a reality usually requires money. At Pinpoint Finance, we can help you to find the funding you need, when you need it, with bespoke business finance and commercial lending support. We help customers through the United Kingdom in many markets, service their customers needs by helping them fund the assets they need or plug the gap in their cashflow.

    That funding could be in the form of a commercial mortgage, for a range of property-related projects. This money could then be used for financing the purchase of a new asset, a property as an owner occupier or for investment. Or, for raising money to improve existing premises, debt consolidation, property development or help with a new project.

    We can also help you to arrange an unsecured business loan, if you don’t have any form of security, and you need cash quickly. We can also provide a Merchant Cash Advance or Business Cash Advance for a cash injection from £2,500 up to £500,000, all with flexible repayments. Or, if you’re a property developer looking to fund refurbishments, conversions or a new build, we can also help you with specialised property development finance.

    Helping business owners to achieve their ambitions

    We specialise in helping individuals and business owners make their business dreams come true. We’re often approached by business owners who have big ambitions and a great idea – but they lack the working capital to make it happen. Whatever you need the finance for, we can help – whether it’s to set up a new business, expand your existing business, buy a new asset or to refinance business debts.

    We can also add value by helping you to plan ahead and find the best structure for your borrowing. We’ll help you with business plans, financial analysis and financial forecasts to help you to grow even further.

    Saving you time and money

    This expertise will save you significant amounts of time and money. Our team will quickly understand your situation and then we’ll shape our pitch to make sure that we put the right application in to the right lender.

    In our experience, getting that ‘yes’ from the underwriter can often be more important than the price itself – saving your time and getting exactly the right product for your business are paramount. We understand what underwriters and lenders want from the businesses they lend to, so we put in the hard work with them to find the right deal for you.

    A personal approach to business finance

    We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach that has been lost across most of the finance industry. With our banking background, we are experts at tailoring support to meet the needs of the self-employed and business owners.

    So, if you run a young business that is rapidly expanding, you might need a cash injection to grow even further. Maybe you need £40,000 for buying equipment for your business, or to build an extension on your property. We can typically get this done and dusted within a week.

    Or, perhaps you’re successfully running your own firm, but you’ve been caught out by a big VAT bill. You want that £40,000 to pay it off this time – but we’d also be happy to have a further conversation with you to clarify your long-term strategy, if it keeps happening every year.

    Or, you might simply need some short-term unsecured finance, for a highly profitable investment you don’t want to miss out on. As long as it is ethical and makes good sense, we’ll be happy to help. As an example, you might need it to cover staff costs. Maybe you run a garage and want that £40,000 to take on and train new staff to work on hybrid and electric vehicles. The initial interest rate might seem expensive in the short-term money, but this new business could ultimately be hugely profitable in the long run.

    Taking an ethical approach

    We are always ready to talk if you have a long-term plan and a clear idea of what you need your business finance for. Unlike some of our competitors however, we’ll only provide finance when we believe it’s the right thing to do. Ethics are important to us – we won’t inject cash into a failing business if it’s just delaying the inevitable and we don’t take on debt structure or recovery deals. We believe that long term, sustainable relationships with sound businesses are far more important than short-term profits.

    Looking for finance to buy commercial property?

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    Why is finding the right business finance important?

    Finding the right business finance deal for you and your business is often more important than finding the best interest rate, on the market. Having access to the right business loan or finance package, which is flexible, accessible, and right for your actual business needs can often out way the benefit of just a market grabbing interest rate.

    Our expert knowledge of the market, the solutions on offer and how each lenders really works means when you get it right, it can make a whole lot of difference to your business. Couple that with the great customer service you would expect from Pinpoint Finance, our UK banking sector experience and accesses to over 100 lenders makes us an asset to have on your side.

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      At Pinpoint Finance, we offer the following products and services for Business Finance customers:

      • Merchant Cash Advance
      • 2nd Charge Business Loans
      • MBO/MBI Funding
      • Independent Legal Advice Services
      • Personal Guarantee Insurance
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