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    Want a residential mortgage for property to live in?

    Many of our clients need a mortgage for property to rent out. But we also help many SME owners with residential mortgages that they will then use to buy a property to live in.

    If you are self-employed, have a limited company, or you are in a ‘non-standard’ financial situation (such as debt issues), then you’ll know that getting a residential mortgage isn’t always straightforward. You might have had multiple rejections from different lenders, which can impact your credit score and your ability to get finance in the future.

    You need a team of experienced experts who won’t treat you as ‘just another customer’ and who can help you with a freelancer mortgage or a self employed mortgage deal.

    A team that can handle complex situations

    Our focus is on giving you a personal service, delivered by people who know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. We understand the challenges of getting finance when you’re self-employed, and the intricacies of non-standard situations.

    Remember, most banks will only be comfortable lending to ‘standard’ customers – two young people who are both employed full-time and who are looking for their first home, for example. If you run your own business and have credit card debts, the situation is more complex and they’re unlikely to get involved.

    On your side, all the way

    Pinpoint Finance are the perfect choice for more complicated or complex mortgage buyer situations. We’ll only pitch to the right lenders, so that you won’t have to deal with multiple rejections. We’ll also listen to your needs and then support you throughout the whole process. We have the experience and the existing relationships with underwriters to know exactly what they need in order to make a decision in your favour.

    And if there are any issues – for example, if your mortgage is agreed, then falls through if the valuation comes back lower – we’ll get straight back on to it for you.

    Looking for a mortgage for buy to let property?

    Visit out buy to let mortgages page here

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      At Pinpoint Finance, we offer the following products and services for residential mortgage customers:

      • First Time Buyers
      • Mortgages Home
      • Mover Mortgages
      • Self-Employed Mortgages
      • Interest Only Mortgages
      • Large Loan Mortgages
      • Self Build Mortgages
      • Free Product Transfer / Product Switch Service
      • Complex Incomes
      • Debt Consolidation
      • Bridging Loans
      • Conveyancing Quote Service
      • Credit File Report

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