On the day that Lloyds Banking Group announce a further cull in their workforce and more importantly the closure of a further 200 branches, one question springs to mind, “How do businesses access High Street banking?”

These closures are said to be the result of the change in how people do their banking, more of us are using the Internet and mobile devices for our day to day banking needs.  As a nation we logged into banking apps 11 million times a day last year, moving £2.9 billion a week.  This move towards flexible, convenient banking is, of course, fantastic for everyday transactions.  However, at Pinpoint Finance, we regularly hear the same concern, that business customers cannot speak to an experienced member of staff, once known as a Bank Manager! How do you actually meet face-to-face with someone to get advice?

I am of an age when I remember real Bank Mangers in every branch, where business owners knew the name of their Bank Manager, could call to make an appointment then pull up a chair, bounce ideas off each other and draw on their experiences in order to finance a particular part of their business.

These day to day banking needs have not gone away and although we can all trawl the internet looking for advice and search endlessly for offers of finance, this is time consuming and can you really guarantee the information is credible?

What customers really want is convenient, accessible banking, with quick and easy access to experienced, knowledgeable staff and, ideally, a local presence.  However, if you live in one of the 1,500 communities that no longer have a single branch or a business that need access to an experienced and qualified banker, what do you do?

Pinpoint Finance can do just that; we can be the Bank Manger you wish you had!

We are available to meetup face to face or talk over the phone to fully understand your needs.  We can relate your questions to other knowledgeable, experienced staff and, more importantly, we can offer access to various funding solutions, from an array of lenders some High Street and others not.

If its time to re-consider your day to day banking or you just want to talk to that Bank Manager you simply can’t get hold of, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Pinpoint Finance 01904 866 100